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Aloha lovely people of the internet! My name's Emily! I lead a fairly mediocre life, but that doesn't mean to say I'm not interesting....alright maybe I'm not but I have some things that you need to know about me first. I'm a selacho and trypanophobic pluviophilic (have fun looking all of those up...way to sound pretentious, Emily) teenaged girl who spends way too much of her time on youtube, hunting around on blogs, looking up horrendously un-funny puns, admiring Harry Styles and dreaming up my life in London. I happen to run a little blog you can find here that's been chugging along since early 2013, where I discuss my beauty and fashion finds with horrible grammar that Bella will criticise til dusk if she could. If you want to fangirl over Cara Delevingne, Harry Styles, the Kim Kardashian game and cats, I'm the girl to go to. I hope you wonderful humans enjoy our little blog! Over and out.


Bella here, as a little titbit of introductory flare, I'd like to tell you a few things about myself! I am a sixteen year old who grew up on the lovely beaches on the coast of just about everywhere in Australia and recently migrated to Brisbane to complete my schooling without my parents (eep!), meeting my partner in all things crime; Emily. My love for beauty and fashion has definitely flourished in the past year and my desire for travel and adventure certainly burns bright! you'll often find me lurking in the aisles of Topshop, or munching on avocado on toast and sipping tea as I burn my fifty-third incense of the day, although more commonly curled up with the next episode of American Horror Story, ogling at the beauty that is Evan Peters. So here I am, writing to the avid blog readers of the world, or even those just doing it for the vine. I hope you enjoy the content I have for you guys and am always open for feedback! Stay saucy, you little minxes!

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