Sunday, 4 October 2015

Aesop // Fabulous Face Cleanser and Parsley Seed Toner [v] [CF]

 Aēsop. The store that nobody ever pronounces correctly or can justify spending $60 on watery cleansers chock-a-block of herbs. Well, that's what I thought to begin with, at least. 

I could be slightly biased on how I found these products as I did receive them as a gift and, well, free stuff is always going to be fantastic. It's like those cheap bags of popcorn you receive at university open days that are the best things your taste buds have ever had the privilege of being acquainted with. Yes, I just compared a 100ml bottle of cleanser to a bag of popcorn.

Enough rambling, lets get down into the nitty gritty details of Aēsop's Fabulous Face Cleanser and Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Toner.

Despite every drop being too precious for my empty wallet to even consider, the cleanser wasn't an overly exciting product, as it didn't really seem to do the best job at cleaning my face after a day out.
I might consider this as being more of a morning cleaner, with it's pungent citrusy scent and cool, watery formula being rather refreshing. It's definitely fit for sensitive skin, too. It doesn't strip your skin of it's natural oils, and whilst it isn't non-comedogenic, it didn't seem to clog my pores either. 
It surprisingly lathers up quite nicely too. I still don't know if I could justify spending $40-$65 on 100ml-200ml of this stuff. 

As for the toner, I definitely may consider splurging. I've had mine for over a year now (I know, I'm terrible) and it's still going strong as  little goes a long way with this toner. I apply this straight after a shower and allow for it to dry into my skin before moisturising. The next morning I find my skin to be soft and primed for makeup. It's soothing on angry flare ups and helps to reduce inflammation. It's also surprisingly hydrating as well. 

Will I be repurchasing these products again? Most likely not on my student budget as there are better drugstore products out there for a quarter of the price, but they certainly are luxurious products to use after a long week. 

What do you think of Aēsop products? Do you have any favourites you swear by? We'd love to hear!

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