Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Dear 2016...

Dear 2016,

Hi there! You came around rather quickly. It's a little strange seeing you, after envisioning what you'd be like all year. You've brought a lot of things with you, this year: the start of uni, an increase of independence and a stronger desire to travel. We're 21 days into your visit now and I already see how different you'll be from 2015. I'm trying to work out which emotion is the dominating one. Fear? Nervousness? Happiness? Excitement? There is only one way to find out. 

This year I plan on waking up early. Not only because I've discovered that it might just be the coolest time of day at 6am (boy does it get hot these days in the land down under), but because I find I get a lot more done when I allow myself more hours in a day. Funny that.

This year I plan on working out more. Yeah I know, we all say it don't we. Well, I've actually managed to wake up at a reasonable time and do exactly this for 1 and a half weeks in a row now. Thank you Casey Ho. I both love and hate you.

This year I plan on eating clean. It's so easy to just munch on those biscuits, those tim tams or those noodles when I'm hungry, but those things don't sustain you. I want to fuel my body with better foods this year.

This year I plan on saying yes. Laziness will not get the better of me. 

This year I plan on doing more. When reviewing my accomplishments of last year, I was left a little sad. This year I'm going to plan out my goals, and actually make steps towards achieving them.

This year I plan on travelling. Wanderlust. It's not only a beautiful word, but both a depressing and wonderful emotion, depending on the status of your bank balance. Right now, mine may be a little empty from my wild habits (and by wild habits I mean eating and watching movies...I dont live that much of an extravagant life). I want to see more of the world, whether that be in other continents or within my own country. Heck, my own state or city!

This year, I plan on it being great. Don't disappoint me 2016.

Let us know of some of your resolutions, or even some places on your bucklist!

Until next time,


Skincare // Oily, Acne Prone Skin Regimen [v] [CF]

L U S H // Herbalism (v) (CF)

Once I've cleaned my face of makeup with my choice of remover, I start my routine with Lush's "Herbalism" facial cleanser. Designed for oily, acne prone skin, this cleanser effectively washes out my pores of residual makeup and dirt from the day. Whilst the smell is a tad off putting to begin with, it's definitely a product that's earned a stable place in my regimen. 

This solid cleanser requires a pea sized amount and a splash of water (mixed to form a paste) to work it's magic. Supposedly, this product is considered to be a light exfoliant, but I find with the help of the following product, my skin is left feeling smooth and hydrated and my skin tone even. 

S P I N for perfect skin

There are plenty of electronic face brushes out on the market today. The most popular being none other than the og, Clarisonic, or the Foreo "Luna Mini" for an everday clean. If either of these products are out of your preferred price range or unavailable to you, look no further than to the "Spin for perfect skin" face brush. You might of heard of this little guy through the plethora of insane discount codes given out to youtubers (seriously guys, keep those codes, as you can save yourself up to $80 on this product with the RRP of $100).

I use this face brush with the cleansing head possibly every other/three days, depending on my skin or the events of that day. The exfoliating head works a treat also, but I find myself using that every other week.

T B S // Aloe Calming Toner (v) (CF)

 Once my skin has been cleaned to perfection, I move onto prepping my skin for the day/night ahead. The Body Shop's Calming Toner from their Aloe line is one of the best. Perfect for those struggling with sensitivity and acne, this product aids in refreshing and preparing the skin for makeup, or simply calming the skin by wearing it overnight. 

P A L M E R S // Moisture Rich Night Cream (v) (CF)

After a toner, I will apply one of two moisturises. Either my Cetaphil Lotion (mentioned below) or my Palmer's Moisture Rich Night Cream. A small amount goes a long way (too much can leave your skin feeling greasy) with this aromatic, non-comedogenic product. I guarantee you'll wake in the morning with skin smoother than a baby's butt. The vitamin E in it works a treat for acne scarring, too. 

C E T A P H I L // Moisturising Lotion

If my skin is feeling a little icky and not up for a thicker cream, I'll reach for this guy. After being recommended to me by my doctor, the Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion had become another staple to my skincare routine. It's wonderful under makeup and keeps my skin hydrated over lengthy periods of time. 

L U S H // Grease Lightning (v) (CF)

This is a very new addition to my skincare routine. Lush's Grease Lightning has always been on my wishlist, and only recently did I finally get around to purchasing it over some umming and ahhing. Made with aloe and witch hazel, Grease Lightning is a spot treatment that is applied to affected areas. I found that over the space of two days, any problem areas had been completely fixed. 

I N V I T E // Vitamin E oil (v)  

 Finally,  I finish my routine with a very small amount of vitamin E oil to prominent acne scars or flaky areas/spots that need some tlc. 

What products are in your everyday skincare routine? Let us know below!

Until next time,

(v) = vegan
(CF) = Cruelty Free

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